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Feds call defense efforts to clear racketeering case against Michael Madigan ‘totally baseless’

CHICAGO — Former Illinois President Michael Madigan’s attempt to suppress the dozens of wiretap calls and secret recordings that form the backbone of the government’s bomb racket case is a “a flimsy effort to create an air of impropriety where none exists,” federal prosecutors said in a motion Tuesday.

The 152-page filing also tore up defense claims that the indictment does not connect any benefits Madigan received from utility giants Commonwealth Edison and AT&T Illinois to any action the powerful speaker took — or has no influence – on a particular legislation.

“Without batting an eyelid, Madigan has time and again prepared to take official action in his capacity as Representative from Illinois and as Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, sometimes with the connivance and assistance of his Confederate (Michael) McClain, in exchange for the legal work being directed to his private law firm,” the filing states.