Gospel Singer Defends Christians Watching BBNaija

Joshua Bamiloye, a gospel singer and the son of Mount Zion Drama Ministry’s founder, Mike Bamiloye, says Christians who watch the Big Brother Naija All Stars reality TV show should not be criticized.

Joshua in a Twitter post urged people to refrain from passing judgment on Christians who enjoy the reality show, stressing that such critics should also examine their own indulgences. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s relationship with God and using it as a foundation to understand others better.

In his tweet, Bamiloye drew a parallel between Christians watching Big Brother Naija and other interests, such as football addiction. He pointed out that criticizing someone for watching the reality show while engaging in similar distractions, like excessive devotion to football, is hypocritical.

He said, “Before you tackle Christians watching BBNaija, be sure you are not a football addict.