In Defence of Dele Alake: A Lament for Integrity in Journalism

In the vast and often tumultuous realm of political commentary, where ideas collide and passions soar, there emerges the occasional purveyor of scorn and derision, seeking to tarnish the names of those who once extended their benevolent hand. Today, we find ourselves lamenting the descent of one such figure, Steve Osuji, a once-respected journalist whose recent words betray the very ideals he once held dear.

In a peculiar twist of fate, Osuji now seeks to dismantle the reputation of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a statesman known for his inclusive and magnanimous nature. Alas, the siren call of ambition seems to have clouded Osuji’s vision, as he indulges in baseless attacks against President Tinubu’s team, most notably Hon Dele Alake.

A journalist of genuine decorum and unwavering professionalism, Dele Alake has long commanded the respect of his peers and admirers alike. His illustrious career, one that spans continents and investigates the deepest crevices of society, is a testament to his integrity and dedication to the noble art of journalism.

Yet, Osuji appears relentless in his pursuit to diminish Alake’s sterling credentials. With audacious claims of a journalistic deficit, Osuji betrays his own envious heart, blinded to the truth that Alake’s generation of journalists remains an unassailable pillar of the profession.