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Outdaughtered's Danielle looks 'incredible' after '20lb weight gain'

Outdaughtered is back in 2023 and the Busby quints are growing up fast. Danielle and Adam Busby, and their six daughters return for season 9 of their hit TLC show. Business owner and mom Danielle talked about dealing with some health issues over the years as well as some weight gain she has experienced during the show.

As well as being a reality TV star, Danielle Busby runs a boutique called Graeson Bee and is a mom of six daughters. She and her husband, Adam, can be seen talking about their work-life balance during season 9. Danielle touches on her changing body during Outdaughtered and fans are here for the star’s weight gain – many think she looks “incredible.”

Credit: TLC YouTube channel

Outdaughtered star Danielle talks weight gain

TLC star Danielle speaks to her friend during Outdaughtered about her current health.

In past seasons of the show, she went for many tests and was worried at one time that she may need surgery. Thankfully, Danielle didn’t require heart surgery.

But, she’s still not 100 per cent happy with her body during season 9.

The boutique owner explained that she’s “gained 20 pounds” on the show.

Adam gets ‘frustrated’ with Danielle

On Outdaughtered, Danielle explained that she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

She was “diagnosed with migraines and treated for fibromyalgia. But, her condition is still in ‘discovery’,” reports Us Weekly.

Speaking of how she’s currently feeling, Danielle told her friend that she had gained some weight and that her lack of activity “frustrates” her husband.

Adam’s frustrations, according to Danielle, were over her not “going to the gym every day,” for example, but she said: “I did physical therapy for almost a year but that’s all my body could do.”

Fans think Danielle looks ‘bomb’

Despite stating that she has gained 20 pounds, some of Danielle’s fans said they “couldn’t tell” that her body had changed.

More tweeted that they thought Danielle was looking “incredible,” and “bomb,” during the 2023 series.

Others complimented the TLC star on her outfit choice during episode 2 as she held Graeson Bee Boutique’s annual fashion show.


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