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Teresa Guidice still holds a grudge over Sofia Vergara's snap decision

Teresa Giudice slams Sofia Vergara on her podcast, bringing back up an old moment when she claims the America’s Got Talent judge refused to take a picture with her. She has called Sofia the “rudest woman” and said she should “remember where she came from” years after the 2017 talk show incident. Teresa recalled the encounter with her co-host, Melissa Pfeister, noting it happened while she and Sofia appeared on a talk show.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice brought up the incident on her podcast, Namaste B$tches, when she claimed she’s “so not a fan of” Sofia. It comes as Sofia Vergara makes headlines after announcing her divorce from Joe Manganiello after seven years of marriage. So, what did Teresa say about Sofia?

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Teresa Giudice and Sofia Vergara

Teresa Giudice and Sofia Vergara’s feud has brought back up a 2017 talk show that both she and Sofia appeared on, called Extra, at Universal Studios in Hollywood. They both made their appearances at separate times of the day. The incident allegedly happened after Sofia’s refusal to take a photo with her at the request of someone in Sofia’s camp. But she claims that the America’s Got Talent judge was confused and asked why they were getting a photo.

“Sofia Vergara’s PR person and my PR person spoke, and I guess the two of them said, ‘Let’s get a picture of Teresa and Sofia together.’ I didn’t want a picture with her. I’ve never asked to take a picture with anybody,” said Teresa.

GRV Media and Reality Titbit have contacted Sofia’s representative for comment.

Throwback to the 2017 picture refusal

Teresa continued to recall the 2017 incident on a July 2023 podcast episode. She said, “When we went to go take a picture she was like, standing in front of me, like ok, that’s not how you take a picture. She was the rudest woman.

“I saw her whole demeanor, and then I heard her say to her PR person, ‘Why are you making me take a picture with that lady?’” “I was like, ‘Excuse me? I did not want to take a picture with you! I never asked to take a picture with you.’”

The Real Housewives star said that Sofia did not respond, and the ladies went their separate ways. She continued, “I was like, how rude. You’re so not a humble person. You forgot where you came from. I’m so not a fan of her.

Teresa mentioned that she ran into Sofia last year at a restaurant during the New Jersey native’s stint on Dancing With the Stars but claimed the actress ignored her. Later in the episode, Teresa said, “She’s just not a nice person.”

Teresa Guidice, Sofia Vergara, Deepak Chopra And Norman Reedus Visit "Extra"
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Teresa talks about a positive encounter

Although Teresa speaks of Sofia having a negative celebrity encounter, she loves JLo. “If you look at my Instagram, you know who I did take a picture with, who was so sweet too, was Jennifer Lopez, she’s so sweet, I love her,” she revealed.

In a video obtained by TMZ from a Getting Real with the Housewives panel, Giudice, who was born in Paterson, New Jersey, then stood in front of fellow Housewife Danielle Staub to demonstrate how Vergara tried to ‘upstage’ her.

“And I didn’t even do anything, I swear to God,” Giudice fumed. “And I’m so mad at myself because I wanted to say, ‘I don’t want to take a picture with you!’” She’s still not over the incident as she brought the moment back up in 2023.

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