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UN says Israeli raid cut off access to water for thousands and displaced 173 people

The UN humanitarian agency says thousands of people living in the Jenin refugee camp in the Israeli-occupied West Bank still do not have reliable access to safe drinking water a week later The Israeli army carried out a deadly two-day raid on the camp. Israel defended the raid, arguing it was necessary to target Palestinian militant groups operating out of the refugee camp.

“Jenin refugee camp, home to around 23,600 people, including 7,150 children, still has no access to water, a week after the local water network was destroyed in a two-day operation carried out by Israeli forces,” according to a United Nations report. the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced on Tuesday. She estimated that access to water for 40% of Jenin camp residents was still cut off.

Last week’s operation, which killed at least 12 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier, also drove many Palestinians from their homes in Jenin and left a trail of damage and destruction in its wake, the report said.