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Who Is Danielle Carroll (Kelly Wilkinson Sister)? Wiki/Bio, Family, Age And More

In April 2021, the Gold Coast community was struck with a tragic incident that shook its foundations. Kelly Wilkinson, a young 27-year-old woman, was found dead on her property in Arundel, surrounded by the eerie evidence of severe burns.1news.com2

But the horror didn’t end there. Kelly was also discovered two blocks away in a “semi-conscious state” in a front yard, adding more questions to this dreadful tale.

The investigation by the police quickly pointed fingers at her ex-partner, Brian Earl Johnston, a former US Marine. Allegedly, Johnston had doused Kelly in gasoline, leading to the horrifying fate that befell her. The entire community mourned her loss and demanded justice for this senseless act of violence.

As the investigation unfolded, another heartbreaking detail came to light. At the time of the alleged incident, Kelly Wilkinson’s three young children, aged two to nine, were present at home, witnessing the horrific events that would forever scar their lives. The young innocent souls were left traumatized, losing their beloved mother in such a gruesome manner.