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Why did Whoopi walk off The View? The real reason is ‘so cute’

Whoopi Goldberg walked off The View set mid-discussion on Miranda Lambert, which left her co-stars laughing at her sudden action. So, why did Whoopi walk off The View? She said, “I’m leaving y’all,” before making her exit.

A heated debate saw Whoopi and her fellow The View co-hosts sit down at the Hot Topics table to discuss Miranda Lambert’s recent scolding of fans for taking a selfie. However, the Oscar-winning actress wasn’t there for long as she suddenly left the table. We can reveal what happened after she walked off set – and it’s “so cute.”

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Why did Whoopi walk off The View?

Whoopi walked off The View set to take a selfie with a 91-year-old woman in the audience. Some fans were worried she had left her original seat at the Hot Topics table due to the discussion getting heated about Miranda.

She made the gesture in response to Miranda’s anger towards fans who took a selfie while she was singing at her Sunday, July 16 gig. Whoopi backed the country singer, and told her co-stars:

They paid money for the tickets, they came to see her so if she’s singing, at least show a little respect so acknowledge if you can see her, she can see you too. She can see what you’re doing, it’s like being a lounge singer, you go into a bar, somebody’s at the piano and nobody’s listening.

Whoopi added: “If you’re going to pay $750 to come to my concert, then give me the respect of watching me while I’m doing my thing.” Sunny Hostin said, “Maybe I want the music in the background.”

Her heated debate over Miranda Lambert

After hearing Sunny say she might want the music in the background while taking a selfie, Whoopi said, “I’m leaving y’all.” She then began laughing and said: “Because I want to take a picture with this marvelous woman who is 91.”

She specifically said she would take a selfie with the crowd member. It came after Whoopi said that people online are “split” over whether Miranda was in the right or not, who had asked fans to pay attention to her instead of taking pics.

Although many disagree with Whoopi – including Sunny – some are siding with Miranda’s scolding of fans. Sunny sided with the concertgoers Tuesday, arguing that she’s “going to take as many selfies as I want if I paid $757 for tickets.”

Whoopi Goldberg In Conversation With Christian Cooper
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The View fans react to ‘cute’ moment

When fans realized that Whoopi wasn’t just leaving her co-stars due to the debate getting too heated, they were in awe of the moment she paid attention to a viewer in the audience.

One viewer who felt confused said: “Where’s Whoopi goin’! #TheView.”

Another penned: “That was amazing what Whoopi did at the end, that’s how we all should be!!!”

“Whoopi is so cute taking a selfie with that audience member. #TheView,” reacted a fellow fan.

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