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Zayn Malik breaks his silence over allegations of first pushing Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda

Zayn MalikThe former One Direction member appeared for an interview for the first time in 6 years on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where he discussed many aspects of his life, including an allegation he had made against him before. Gigi Hadid Mother of Yolanda Hadid. He talked about it and emphasized how he wanted to solve family matters at home.

Zayn Malik talks about Yolanda Hadid’s allegations against him

Back in 2021, court documents obtained by TMZ revealed that an alleged altercation occurred between Yolanda and Malik at the Pennsylvania home Malik and Gigi shared while they were in Paris.

Malik denied any physical contact with Yolanda, but court documents state that he “pushed” her [Yolanda] in a closet, causing mental and physical pain.”

According to TMZ, the charges Gigi brought against her ex-partner stemmed from the alleged remarks he made to her during the incident while on the phone.

When Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper asked questions regarding the incident, Malik replied, “For me, I like… I don’t tend to get involved when people say things online whether it’s about me or not because, to me, that’s the most important thing.” I have in life is time.”

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It takes time to explain himself and justify his position, said the former member of One Direction, in a toxic environment. On the same note, Zayn added, “So I kind of kept to myself, I knew what the situation was, I knew what happened and the people involved knew what happened too, and that’s all I really cared about… I just didn’t want to draw attention to anything “.

He continued, “I wasn’t trying to get into a negative situation with her, any kind of online narrative where my daughter was going to look back and read that.” Malik believes that if anything were to happen in the family, he’d rather “keep it in the family” than have “a whole audience of people”.

Zayan Malik and Gigi Hadid have 50-50 custody of daughter Khai

The singer revealed that he and Gigi have 50-50 custody of their daughter, Khai. For the first time, Malik opened up to his daughter. He said he would “practice with my kid every chance I can, if I can get 60 percent [custody]I’ll get it, yeah.”

In fact, the only reason he even got on the podcast was because of Khai, the singer said. He said, “The main thing on my mind is to try and set a good example for her. That’s why I’m doing this interview.”

Zayn continued, “You know, like I used to get a lot of anxiety having a conversation like that in that kind of environment. And I want her to be able to look at me and be like, ‘Dad, he’s doing this, you know, he’s the guy.’” It is a nice. “

Zian Malik met Gigi Hadid in 2015 at a Victoria’s Secret party. They have been in an on and off public relationship for nearly 6 years. They welcomed their daughter Khai in September 2020, and her parents have been partners since their separation in 2021.

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