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90 Day Fiance star's on-screen partner is her 'soulmate' she works out with

Shekinah Garner on 90 Day Fiance has a daughter, two glamorous jobs, and now a loving relationship with Sarper Güven. She shares her love story on the TLC dating show. But who is Shekinah?

The series follows couples who navigate across the border and have just 90 days to get a visa to move to the USA. Shekinah met Sarper on vacation in Turkey and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Let’s get to know the 90 Day Fiance couple and find out where they are now.

Who is Shekinah Garner?

Shekinah Garner is a 90 Day Fiance season 5 star. The 41-year-old is dating personal trainer Sarper, 43, who she met when she started to think she would “never meet the right person.”

She went on vacation to Turkey when she downloaded a dating app to see what Turkish men are like. When they went on their first date, Shekinah noticed he was wearing highlighter.

Shekinah had two dates, and two and a half months later, she flew back and spent a whole week with him. She describes him as “sweet and caring” and says she is willing to leave her life in LA for Sarper.

Shekinah has a daughter in the USA

From Whitefish, Montana, Shekinah plans to move to Turkey while her daughter goes to boarding school in the USA. Shekinah’s daughter is believed to be between five to 18 years old.

She tends to keep her daughter away from the limelight but briefly spoke about her on 90 Day Fiance. Shekinah told her friends on the August 28 episode, “My daughter is off to boarding school.”

Job and relationship with Sarper

Sarper is a Turkey-based model, sports coach, and medical tourism worker. He is specifically situated in Istanbul, while Shekinah travels to and from Los Angeles and Sarper’s home.

Shekinah is an aesthetician with 23 years of licensed experience. She is also an ambassador for Zemits Official and creator of the number 1 Dermaplaning and Oilplaning Certified Masterclass.

She has spent her career providing advanced facial treatments in Med-Spas, Dermatology practices, luxurious five-star hotel spas, and for celebrity Aestheticians such as Olga Lorencin and Ole Henriksen.

The TLC star calls Sarper her “soulmate” who she works out with. The couple share several Instagram posts of them packing on the PDA while watching films together and heading to the gym.

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