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AGT fans 'disgusted' as daring star pushes sword swallowing to new level

AGT sword swallower for 2023, Andrew Stanton, has fans fearing that he got hurt during his performance. It comes after a former AGT sword-swallower contestants accident in 2016. Simon Cowell called the 2023 daring act “brilliantly disgusting”

Andrew Stanton swung off the ceiling with a sharp blade in his throat in the second round of live shows on Tuesday, August 29. The professional sword swallower on America’s Got Talent began his performance by placing a pair of spiral-tipped drills through his nostrils. We looked at his shocking on-stage success.

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AGT sword swallower 2023

AGT’s sword swallower Andrew Stanton has shocked the AGT judges with two harrowing performances. Stanton began by placing a pair of spiral-tipped drills through his nostrils.

He proceeded to lift his assistant, Cupcake, with a chain attached to his eyes, all the while holding a pair of long swords in his throat. He then swung himself from the ceiling with a sword in his throat.

Stanton’s assistant climbed onto his back for a nail-biting finale. “That was disgusting but brilliantly disgusting, and one of my favorite acts tonight,” Cowell said. “You deserve to be here.”

Get to know Andrew Stanton

AGT’s Andrew Stanton is no stranger to the talent show franchise, having reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent series 16. He was aged 42 and worked as a massage therapist at the time.

The entertainer, artist, and inventor often performs in the SwingShift Side Show in Las Vegas. The stuntman is from the USA. In 2008, Stanton competed on The Gong Show but was eliminated.

Stanton reached the quarter-finals of AGT season 5 as a member of SwingShift Side Show. In 2012, he broke the Guinness World Record for longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth.

When he had his first BGT audition, he attached Judge Amanda Holden to a sword he had placed in his mouth alongside chains placed in his eyeballs and lifted her off of the floor.

America's Got Talent Season 18 Live Show - Red Carpet
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AGT’s sword swallower accident

In 2016, a sword swallower had an accident on stage. Ryan Stock, a Canadian stuntman and professional sword swallower, was shot in the chest with a flaming arrow by his fiancée.

Amber Lynn Walker missed a target that was in his mouth. The accident unfolded during a live broadcast of the popular competition show and left the judges and audience in utter shock.

The sword swallower had promised “two dangerous acts.” Simon Cowell later asked, “Why are we judging this act? Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now.”


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