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Captain Jason left 'furious' over deckhand's accident that threatened season

As Below Deck Down Under’s second season continues to roll on, fans have a ton of questions. Captain Jason, Chief Stew Aesha, and the rest of the crew have had all kinds of turbulence to deal with in season 2. Now, fans want to know – Does Adam get fired on Below Deck?

While the Northern Sun’s Captain is usually cool, calm, and collected, viewers see Jason lose his cool in season 2. Below Deck episode 13 sees Captain Jason have to make an unpopular decision. Speaking on the show, he says that he’s “not getting what he wants out of the team.”

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Does Adam get fired on Below Deck Down Under?

Yes. After two firings in season 2 already, Adam Kodra was unfortunately dismissed from the Northern Sun, too.

The native New Yorker explained when he joined the show that he had a background in commercial boating, but was relatively new to the world of yachting.

A mistake he made with the boat’s anchor caused him to be fired from Bravo‘s Below Deck Down Under season 2.

Adam made a dangerous mistake

During Below Deck Down Under season 2 episode 12, Captain Jason reveals that he’s “furious.”

He says: “A crew member dropping an anchor underway. There’s three safety factors to stop you from doing that.”

The Captain explains that the move could cause damage to the boat, and potential danger to the crew.

Adam tells João Franco: “I tried to take it off the brake to engage it, so I took it off the brake slowly and just started to run.”

He adds that it was “backwards” for him as he was used to the anchor-dropping procedure on a commercial boat.

Unfortunately, his accident was what saw him having to say goodbye to the crew and ship in season 2.

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Below Deck welcomes Luka Keoni

Following Adam’s departure, Luka Keoni joins Below Deck Down Under as a deckhand.

Luka boasts an Instagram following of almost 19k @lukabrunton. His posts show him traveling all over the world.

Below Deck’s newcomer is clearly a thrill-seeker as he can be seen sky-diving, riding motorbikes, surfing, and snowboarding.

He has a girlfriend called Lorena, judging by his photographs and the two appear to be ticking things off of their bucket lists together.

They can be seen spotting dolphins sitting on the end of a boat back in June.


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