How Aya Holdings is empowering African Talents & Founders to build technologies in Web 3 and Blockchain

In the ever-changing landscape of technology, a disruptive force is shaping the digital narrative of Africa. Aya Holdings, a blockchain technology company, is unwaveringly committed to carving a path of advancement within the Web 3 and Blockchain domain for African talents.

With an unrelenting dedication to amplifying Africa’s global influence in this dynamic sphere, Aya’s mission is to advance Africa’s footprint in the global Web 3 and Blockchain ecosystems by training and connecting talents and building innovative technologies.

Founded by the visionary Eric Annan and Pishikeni Tukura, Aya Holdings emerged as a startup company on October 5th, 2020, to solve the problems that were encountered in the web 3 and blockchain space such as speed & efficiency, collaborations, a larger pool of skilled builders, and community focus – giving the company a competitive edge.