Mexican fans welcome Taylor Swift to her Latin American era

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Taylor Swift began the international leg of her “Eras Tour” in Mexico City this weekend, with an enthusiastic welcome from fans who embraced the singer’s arrival in a uniquely Latino way. 

Mexican fans personalized the elements that made the tour such a sensation in the U.S. — exchanging friendship bracelets, standing in hourslong merchandise lines and spotting local celebrities in the crowd — and got a few Spanish-language nods from Swift herself.

“After years of wanting to play in Mexico City, just got to play 4 of the most unforgettable shows for the most beautiful and generous fans,” Swift wrote on Instagram on Monday. “Feeling so grateful for the memories we’re making together on this tour … TE AMO,” she added, using a Mexican flag emoji.

Videos on social media show friendship bracelets customized with inscriptions like “Taynochtitlan,” a play on the name of the former capital of the Aztec Empire, “Taymalez,” and “Teylor Suif,” among other Spanish-language puns. Even Supreme Court Justice Arturo Zaldívar was seen exchanging bracelets with fellow fans.