10,000 still missing in Libya floods as death toll climbs again

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The death toll from the unprecedented flooding in northeastern Libya has risen to at least 11,300 people, the U.N. has said, with another 10,100 missing in the devastated city of Derna alone.

Meanwhile, rescuers, armed with diggers, on Sunday clawed through debris to find survivors under the rubble of leveled buildings in Derna, with the previously asphalt roads awash with wreckage. Bodies are regularly being found amid mangled cars, uprooted palm trees and bits of buildings at the Derna seafront.

Residents and aid groups gathered the bodies of those who were washed out to sea when historic rainfall caused two dams to burst and sent millions of cubic meters of floodwater through the center of the city. 

“These figures are expected to rise as search-and-rescue crews work tirelessly to find survivors,” the United Nations’ Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), said of the death toll as of 5.p.m. Saturday (11 a.m. ET).