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Is She The Wolf viewers hope Julie reaches 'end game' with her co-star

Spoilers – Is She The Wolf star and singer Julie joins the Netflix cast. For her photoshoot, Julie takes an overnight trip to a breathtaking island, and she asks one person to accompany her. She develops a romance with Robin and fans really want them to be an end-game couple.

Is She The Wolf sees five men and five women date but there’s an unknown number of ‘lying wolves’ who are not allowed to fall in love. Not even the audience is aware of who is genuine and who is not. So, who is Julie on Is She The Wolf’s Netflix cast? We’ve got the grueling tea.

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Who is Netflix star Julie?

Is She The Wolf’s Julie is a singer-songwriter who gets to know Robin Furuga. The Netflix star graduated from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China, and went to the USA by herself.

She went to Berklee College of Music and started her music career in New York after graduating. In 2022, she joined HoriPro International Inc. / HT Entertainment Inc. to start her music career in Japan.

Known as JU!iE, she created her music style based on JAZZ, her major at Berklee College of Music. The work of JU!iE is characterized by using three languages, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Singer’s age and career

Julie is a 27-year-old singer. The musician recently launched her new track in December 2022, called What is Love? It is her first digital single, and she also works as a composer and a producer.

JU!iE is also well-known as a model and her number of followers on Instagram has reached at least 163K. On Weibo, she’s even more popular with over 500,000 supporters!

The artist has over 3K subscribers on YouTube. Julie actually sings while playing piano on episode 12 of Is She The Wolf, while Robin Furuga watches and smiles at his fellow cast member.

Viewers hope she and Robin blossom

Julie and Robin Furuya have been getting to know each other romantically. Robin lives across Tokyo and Hawaii. He is known for appearing in Kamen Rider Saber, Motokare no Yuigonjou, and Touboui F.

Robin is fluent in English as he attended college in America. He was previously affiliated with Oscar Promotion before switching to Amuse Entertainment in 2019.

One fan wrote: “I just finished binge-watching #IsSheTheWolf on #Netflix and I’m telling u my heart hurts from watching the show since you can feel the sincerity of the cast members until the end.

“They use the perfect hosts. Endgame or not my best couple would still be Robin and Julie.”

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