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Kendall Jenner fuels rumors she's engaged as subtle 'clue' leaps out to fans

Kendall Jenner has rumors swirling that she’s “engaged” in 2023 as The Kardashians season 4 trailer drops. Fans of the show can get excited for the brand new installment of the Hulu series to arrive on September 28. Since the trailer arrived, all kinds of rumors have been circulating including some about Kendall’s romantic life.

The Kardashians season 4 trailer sees Kendall saying: “People think they have us all figured out but things are not always how they seem.” Kourtney Kardashian expresses that she found season 3 “really hard,” while Kris Jenner is tearful in a confessional and says: “I’m not even talking about it anymore.” One thing’s for sure, there’s going to be a lot of drama coming with the family’s new 2023 show.

Kendall Jenner ‘engaged’ rumors swirl

Judging by The Kardashians season 4 trailer, fans can expect to see Kourtney and Kim Kardashian‘s feud continue.

The Kar-Jenners are vacationing, Kris and Corey Gamble are toasting drinks, the babies of the family are celebrating birthdays, and fans are set to find out more about the single ladies’ dating lives.

Khloé Kardashian says she “needs people to know” that she’s “single,” while Kendall Jenner describes herself as “the worst single person ever.”

However, one moment from the season 4 trailer has fans thinking that she’s not single, but engaged.

Credit: Hulu YouTube channel

The Kardashians fans find ‘clue’

Hulu‘s Kardashians season 4 trailer dropped on September 12 and fans are already speculating what’s going on in the cast’s lives from the show’s snippets.

A moment from the trailer sees Kendall sitting in a makeup chair with some of her glam team in the background. Kendall turns around to the camera to show off a huge diamond ring on her ring finger.

The 27-year-old makes an excited face at the camera as she sits in a white robe while getting her hair and makeup done.

The clip has sent Kendall’s fans into a frenzy with many believing that this means she’s now engaged.

Fans want one thing from season 4

Lots of Kardashians fans took to social media to comment on the season 4 trailer in 2023.

After spying Kendall’s ring, viewers’ minds have been running wild thinking that she and Bad Bunny could be engaged to be married.

One fan commented: “I just wanna know what’s going on with Benito and I wanna see Timmy…”

Before the Kardashians season 4 trailer arrived, some fans had already thought that an engagement could be on the cards for Kendall and Bad Bunny. One tweeted: “I’m calling Benito and Kendall Jenner getting engaged lol.”

However, others are just super keen to see Bad Bunny on the show. Many fans commented on Instagram that they “need” to see “Benito.”

Another commented: “Is bad bunny going to be in this season?”

Kendall Jenner shows off ring on her finger while in makeup chair wearing white robe
Credit: Hulu YouTube channel


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