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Khloé Kardashian 'spiraling' as heated Kris Jenner row sees one of them storm off

The Kardashians season 4 trailer is officially here and fans are all over the drama-filled glimpse of the upcoming show. While Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s feud is old news to many, two other Kardashian family members are fighting this season. Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner get into it in the 2023 series.

“Family” is the “most important thing” in Kris Jenner‘s life and she says during The Kardashians season 4 trailer that it’s her “responsibility to make sure that she keeps her family together.” However, it looks like her efforts to keep things sweet between her daughter and Tristan Thompson may be backfiring.

The Kardashians season 4 sees Khloé and Kris fight

The Kardashians season 4 trailer sees the show’s siblings hugging, birthday celebrations, and group toasts.

However, the family is clearly also experiencing some turbulence in the latest installment of their Hulu series.

One clip sees Kourtney and Kim feeling awkward in a joint confessional and another shows Kris wiping away her tears. More snippets see Kris and Khloé Kardashian fighting during the trailer.

Khloé accuses her mom

Kourtney Kardashian explains that there’s “been a lot of tension” between her family members in the 2023 show.

A snippet of the season 4 trailer sees Khloe say to Kris: “You’re lying right now.”

Kris replies: “Lying about what?”

Mom of two Khloé clearly has a lot on her plate in the upcoming series as she explains: “Tristan and I, we’re in really sensitive times.”

Momager Kris comes under fire for being “too nice” according to her daughters. Kris is seen in the trailer praising Khloé’s former partner: “Tristan has been such a hands-on dad.”

Credit: Hulu YouTube channel

Kris tells Khloé she’s ‘spiraling’

After Khloé tells her mom she’s “never heard,” the camera cuts to a clip of Kris telling her daughter that she’s “spiraling.”

Khloé walks away from the table saying that she “doesn’t deal with people who don’t tell the truth.”

But, all may be resolved between the family members as the final clip of the season 4 trailer sees Khloé tell in a confessional: “These things are fixable. It’s not going to break us down.”


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