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Kylie and Timothée finally being caught on camera has fans 'on their knees'

After months of fan theories and speculation, Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner have at long last been spotted together. While some Kardashians fans are certain that a romance is brewing between the stars, others were convinced that they had never even met. But, now fans’ jaws are dropping as the two are spotted together at a Beyoncé concert.

Cosmetics mogul Kylie was linked to actor Timothée following her split from the father of her two children, Travis Scott. Romance rumors have swirled around The Kardashians star and Little Women actor, Timothée. Now, it really does appear that the two are getting close as an onlooker captured them chatting at a concert.

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Timothée and Kylie spotted at Beyonce

On September 4 Beyoncé celebrated her birthday as she performed yet another concert during her 2023 tour.

The celebration didn’t stop there as on the same date, Timothée and Kylie Jenner fans had their wishes granted as the famous faces were spotted together at Beyoncé’s concert.

After months of speculation, onlookers captured a video that shows Timothée and Kylie smiling and chatting at the gig.

The two get close in LA

A Timothée Chalamet fan account on TikTok (@timhalchal) shared a video on September 4 which shows the Wonka actor and Kylie chatting.

The two appear to be in great spirits as they smile and talk with Timothée moving in closer to speak to Kylie as he holds a cigarette behind her.

Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, can also be seen in the clip as the trio attends Beyoncé’s LA concert.


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Fans are ‘crying and screaming’ over video

After all kinds of rumors have been circulating for so long, it’s no wonder that Kylie and Timothée fans are going “insane” after seeing the video.

Although the two haven’t confirmed a romance, just seeing them together is enough to make many people “cry and scream,” according to fans comments on the video.

Some wrote in the clip’s comments: “My jaw just dropped.”

Another wrote: “This is so cute actually.”

More said that they were “on their knees” at the sighting of the two stars.

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