South Africa

Programme to identify undocumented foreign nationals established, says Ramaphosa

The government has established a programme to identify undocumented foreign nationals in the country, says ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

Ramaphosa, speaking at the ANC 2019 election manifesto review at the Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto, said illegal foreign nationals continue to be a problem for the country. 

“We continue to have foreign nationals who do not have documents. A programme has been started to examine who among foreign nationals does not have documents and a number of them are being arrested. 

“Those who do not have permits to be in South Africa better know now that South Africans want this country to be occupied by people who have documents or who are citizens of our country,” he said. 

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Ramaphosa said Gauteng was going through a difficult period with illegal miners, saying the government would also tackle the problem. 

“We are going to tackle the problem. We will make sure that we rid this province of the zama zamas [illegal miners] and illegal mining. We are going to work together with our security forces to make sure that we address this problem as a province,” said Ramaphosa.

Gauteng under siege 

The province’s premier Panyaza Lesufi reiterated that Gauteng was under siege from illegal miners. 

He called on Ramaphosa to “bring the firepower of the state” to the province. 

“We are under siege from zama zamas in our province, we are under siege from criminals in our province. Please, comrade president, bring the firepower of the state, whether it is the army or police. They must go down there and flush them out until the last person is standing,” Lesufi said.