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Sue Aikens had key advice for grandkids before tragically losing loved ones

Sue Aikens paid tribute to her late granddaughter and sister during Life Below Zero season 21. The National Geographic star suffered some heartbreaking losses while living alone in Kavik river camp in northern Alaska.

Many Life Below Zero fans took to social media to commend Sue for her “beautiful” tribute to her late family members. Living alone in Alaska for over 20 years has come with all kinds of trials for Sue and her bravery hasn’t gone unnoticed. Some fans commented on her latest post writing that they’re “inspired” by her.

Sue Aikens lost her granddaughter

Life Below Zero season 21 episode 3 saw longtime cast member Sue pay tribute to loved ones she has lost.

The National Geographic star paid tribute to her late granddaughter and sister during the On the Auroras episode.

Fans took to Twitter and Sue’s Facebook page to highlight how “beautiful” her tribute was.

One commented: “Sue, your tributes to your sister and granddaughter were beautiful.”

Another said: “Just watched the 3rd episode and I’m so sad to see that you’ve lost your sister and granddaughter. That was a wonderful tribute you did for them.”

A viewer tweeted: “Hello. Finally Life Below Zero is back for the season. I enjoy watching and seeing your accomplishments. You certainly are one strong woman. I am sending you my condolences and prayers for your sister and granddaughter.”

Speaking during the show, fans could see how close the star is to her family. Sue explained that she wanted to instill things in her grandchildren that would help them in life. She said: “Believe in yourself, be proud of yourself, be a good person all the time, grab life by the b*lls and live it.”

Life Below Zero star’s sister passed

Taking to Instagram in 2022, Sue shared that her sister had passed away.

Fans sent their condolences to the Life Below Zero star who explained that her sister died “suddenly.”

Sue said “goodbye” to her sister and wrote in the post‘s caption:

“My Sister Pam passed suddenly yesterday. I happened to have this video of her from 2009 to me, on another Saturday night. Life can be very poetic. She waves, says “I love you” and waves goodbye. All without any voice, which in deaths embrace, she cannot use. Fly high you little ball of Stardust!! Haunt, laugh… and shine like a lil supernova…”

Sue said goodbye to her dog

As Sue paid tribute to her family members in Life Below Zero’s 2023 episode, the star also had to say goodbye to another loved one this year.

Taking to Instagram, Sue shared a snap of her dog, Bawb, on Instagram and wrote: “Thank you for being the bestest poochie ever Lil Bawb.”

Sue’s friends and followers on Facebook shared their condolences as they learned of her pup’s passing.

One commented on her page: “Oh Sue, I am so sorry your sister and granddaughter passed too. Your crosses were so beautiful and fitting, I was in tears for you.”


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