'Boopac Shakur' had never faced a gun while catching predators, associates say. Then he was shot.

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For nearly two years, a Michigan man dubbed “Boopac Shakur” dedicated his life to catching child predators and confronting them. While the job was dangerous, people who worked alongside him say they had never faced grave peril or a gun before.

On Friday, Shakur, whose real name is Robert Wayne Lee, 40, was fatally shot in a Pontiac restaurant.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office initially said he was shot after a confrontation with two people — one of whom he had accused of being a pedophile. The sheriff later walked back that statement, saying his office couldn’t corroborate it.

While details of the fatal incident are murky and undergoing investigation, Lee’s death shocked the community where he was hailed a “hometown hero” for his work ensnaring predators, some of whom were arrested.