Gombe Governor urges Nigerians to stay patient, steadfast, united during challenges

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From Abdulrazaq Mungadi, Gombe

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya of Gombe State has urged Nigerians in the state to remain patient and steadfast during these trying times. He reminded them that hardships are not meant to stay forever and that better days are ahead.

The governor acknowledged that the removal of petroleum subsidies and other global economic challenges has affected many aspects of life, including the means of livelihood. However, he emphasized the importance of working together to overcome these challenges.

The Governor stated this while speaking shorting after he swore in the 17 newly appointed commissioners, 12 Permanent Secretaries, and the state’s Head of Service on Thursday in Gombe. He assured that the federal and state governments are working tirelessly to address issues and challenges in the land.

The Governor outlined his vision for the state, which is centered around improving infrastructure, boosting agriculture, promoting education, and enhancing healthcare delivery, urging his cabinet members and other stakeholders to support him in achieving the goal.

However, the Governor lamented the deplorable condition of Nigerian petroleum refineries that have produced little or no petroleum products over the past decade, alongside the non-operational status of textile industries in Kaduna, Kano, and other regions across the country.

According to him, these industries and sectors have been instrumental in generating employment opportunities and facilitating various growths, progress, and advancement of the nation. He said, “This is now a matter of the past in our country. I still remember the time when textile factories were operational in Kaduna, Kano, Aba in Abia State, Lagos as well as several other states. We used to cultivate cotton to supply these factories during that period, sadly none of it exists anymore,” Governor Yahaya who is Chairman of the Northern Governor’s Forum expressed with regret.

However, he encouraged citizens to stay focused on their goals and to remain positive. He assured them that the government is doing everything it can to provide support and assistance during these difficult times. He said, “Our strength as a people lies in our unity and diversity. I therefore urge you to work together as a team, transcending political, ethnic, and religious boundaries to achieve our common objectives”.

While urging residents in Gombe and other Nigerians to stay hopeful and resilient as the country these challenges. He emphasized that, together, they can overcome any hardships and build a brighter future for their communities.

He equally urged the newly sworn-in commissioners and other members of the state executive council to be guided by the principles of inclusivity, accountability, fairness, equity, and justice in the course of discharging their assigned duties. He said, “Remember that you are appointed to serve the entire people of Gombe State and not the people of your wards or local government areas. The decisions you make will have a direct impact on the lives of our citizens, and I have every confidence that you will approach your roles with a great sense of duty and the highest ethical standards”.