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Kourtney Kardashian's friend breaks silence on that scandalous group chat

Kourtney Kardashian’s friends talk about the text leak drama after the ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat came out. Her sister Kim exposed the group chat on The Kardashians season 4 episode 1. However, Kourtney’s friends have revealed their side of the wild text debacle…

The Kim Kardashian vs. Kourtney feud has been ongoing for a while now. They hashed things out over the phone, in which Kim exposed a ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat where Kourtney Kardashian‘s “friends” air their worries about her. But Simon Huck has revealed that “not one actual friend” is part of the group chat.

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The ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat

The ‘Not Kourtney’ group chat has been exposed by Kim. “We’re all confused, and we’re on a group chat labeled ‘Not Kourtney’ so we know, and have to funnel what your friends are saying to us,” she said.

“We have to figure out why you’re such a different person and why you have this vendetta,” Kim continued during a phone call with Kourtney, who later called her sister a “witch” whom she “hates.”

Kourtney accused Kim of being a narcissist and always wanting to steal the spotlight. She also said that she “doesn’t care” what people think about her as she feels happy.

Kourtney’s friend talks about ‘text leak’

Kourtney’s friend, Simon Huck, addressed ‘text leaks’. He said “Not one actual friend” is in the group chat Kim mentioned. He said she “threw them under the bus” in a chat with him, Allie Rizzo, and Pip The Rip.

When Allie asked, “Shall I soft launch the YASS Kourtney group chat?” Simon responded: “OMG, please! These trolls keep DM’ing me accusing me of being on the other chat.”

Allie addressed Kourtney’s ‘friends text leak’: “If only they knew our anxiety about meaningless endless chit chat. I mean, over a martini we will debrief. But dang for a group chat that didn’t exist, I’m fidgeting.”

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Who is in the group chat?

According to Kourtney, “The members of that chat are namely Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. Case closed.” However, Kim told her sister that the friends she speaks to daily are also involved.

“All of your friends call us complaining. Whether you think they’re the ones going to you, they’re all coming to us on the side, saying the opposite to us,” Kim told her sister.

Kourtney started her own group chat with her friends and shared the messages to her Instagram Story. She also told a fan: “I believe it was just my sisters from the surveys I’ve been taking.”


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