MyPillow lawyers say CEO Mike Lindell owes them millions of dollars

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The attorneys defending Mike Lindell and his business against defamation claims from voting machine companies are seeking to sever ties with the “MyPillow Guy” over millions of dollars in unpaid legal fees.

In a court filing Thursday, the law firm of Parker Daniels Kibort LLC said Lindell and MyPillow are months behind on their legal bills in three defamation cases, and they can no longer afford to represent him.

“At this time, Defendants are in arrears by millions of dollars to PDK,” the filing said. “PDK is a small litigation and trial firm in Minneapolis, MN and cannot afford to finance Defendants’ defense in the Litigations.”

The firm said that if it was forced to continue providing legal services to Lindell, the “future fees and costs will amount to millions of dollars in addition to the millions of dollars already owed.”