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Roloff Farms opens for first time in 12 months but fans question Amy's support

Roloff Farms pumpkin patch season for 2023 has begun. The pumpkin patch in Oregon is known for its regular appearance on TLC’s Little People Big World. But Amy Roloff’s support has confused fans.

The wild Roloff Farms drama saw Amy Roloff call out her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, on his decision to sell part of the tourist attraction to the public instead of his sons. Last season, she didn’t agree with his actions. However, Amy is now there to support Roloff Farms’ pumpkin farm season in Oregon.

Roloff Farms 2023 pumpkin season

Roloff Farms pumpkin season for 2023 is officially here, after a year of waiting. Many people visit the farm during October when it is open to the public every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

From October 1 to 29, between 10 am and 5.30 pm, fans of Little People Big World can pay the Oregon pumpkin patch a visit. General admission costs $20 per person.

General Admission Ticket includes entrance into the pumpkin festival, scenic trail walk, and all activity areas, which include a trike track, hay pyramids, food court, giant sand court, and spooky forest.

Amy Roloff supports pumpkin patch

Roloff’s pumpkin patch was paid a visit by Amy Roloff and her husband, Chris Marek. It was a surprising move to fans after she slammed her ex-husband for not selling several acres to his son, Zach Roloff.

Amy has always gotten involved in Oregon’s Roloff Farms pumpkin patch farm each October, even after their divorce. She is on better terms with Matt as they share children and ran the farm for years.

Matt tagged Amy in the caption: “Doesn’t matter if you’re 2, 3,4,5, or 17 years along or a mom, dad, grandpa or grandpa… You gonna make some special memories. We will see to that @amyjroloff.”

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Fans confused about Amy’s involvement

When Amy donned a cheerleader costume for Roloff Farms’ official pumpkin season for 2023, fans were confused about her involvement, especially after her anger toward Matt last season.

One fan wrote: “You’re a great sport, Amy. If I had gone through what you have I would not give the farm the time of day. And I am not referring to the land.”

Another penned on Instagram: “I loved the show. Just curious why after the divorce and many years later, are you still on that farm. It’s okay to let things go.”

“I just wanted to say I’m so happy you still keep coming to pumpkin season. You are such a strong lady and I admire you. And to Chris, I think you’re such a great fit for the family,” a supportive fan told Amy.

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