Teen drama and ‘ultimate betrayal’: Illinois man helps FBI nab his best friend in an ex-girlfriend’s murder

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Kyle Ellis was in a panic. Two FBI agents were at his Indiana apartment with alarming news: They said they had evidence that his best friend and roommate may have been involved in the mysterious disappearance and murder of a onetime girlfriend.

Days later, the agents made a proposal that was nearly as shocking: They wanted Ellis to confront his best friend with the evidence — and to wear a wire when he did it.

Ellis agreed, and his secret recording would play an important role in a case that had eluded authorities, helping convict Brodey Murbarger in the murder of Megan Nichols, 15, who vanished in 2014. Her remains were found three years later. 

Murbarger, 27, who has denied the charge, was sentenced in January to 50 years in prison.