Marco Rubio defends Trump's remarks: As president, 'he didn’t pull us out of NATO'

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Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday defended former President Donald Trump over recent comments he made about not protecting NATO countries, saying that as president, Trump “didn’t pull us out of NATO.”

Rubio, R-Fla., disputed the characterization by CNN’s Jake Tapper that Trump “wouldn’t defend NATO countries and actually he would invite [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and Russia to invade them.”

“Well, that’s not what happened and that’s not how I viewed that statement,” Rubio responded. “I mean, he was talking about a story that he talked about happened in the past. … He doesn’t talk like a traditional politician.”

“What he’s basically saying is, if you see the comments, he said NATO was broke or busted until he took over because people weren’t paying their dues, and then he told the story about how he used leverage to get people to step up to the plate and become more active in NATO,” Rubio added.