Taylor Swift deepfakes on X falsely depict her supporting Trump

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Taylor Swift is being targeted again by deepfakes, with supporters of Donald Trump posting manipulated media falsely showing her supporting Trump and engaging in election denialism.

The viral images and clips on X, which have been viewed millions of times, come just over a week after fake nude images of Swift went viral on the platform, putting a spotlight on X’s inability to control the spread of malicious inauthentic media. X briefly blocked searches for “Taylor Swift” after the incident, and it has continued to struggle with controlling the spread of Swift deepfakes.

Some of the deepfakes showing Swift supporting Trump have content labels warning that the media is inauthentic, but many shares of those posts and reposts did not initially have the same labels. Deepfakes are real media that is manipulated, often with the help of artificial intelligence, that tends to target celebrities and high-profile women in particular.

The most prominent pro-Trump deepfake video of Swift uses a recent video of her on the Grammys red carpet, posing for cameras. But the video is edited to show her holding a sign that says “Trump won” and “Democrats cheated!” One post containing the video on X (formerly Twitter) has over 10.3 million views, according to X’s metrics. It has a community note that says that the video is edited and that Swift was not really holding the flag.